What does it mean to work for the best animal hospital in Colorado Springs? This is the story of my journey…….

When I was young, I always wanted to be around animals, telling everybody that I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up.  My family didn’t have pets, but my friends did, and I was the kid that hung out with the “furry” kids, rather than the human kind.  When I was old enough to decide what to do with my life, I tried on other careers, which left me with a strong desire to make a bigger impact on the world.  My wife and I recognized that caring for animals was our passion and would make a difference in our lives as well.

When I found Westside Animal Hospital, I knew I had found my home – a family that all believe in sharing dreams together, while passionately taking care of the little ones that cannot care for themselves every day.  What I didn’t realize was how much we take care of the cherished pet’s families which is a heartfelt privilege. The relationships we build with these families, through good times and bad, integrate us into being part of their family in the most respectful way.  We are honored to be with them through the fun and the kisses – and the pain and sorrow.   We are there for new births, puppy breath, and kitten crazies; through mill dog rescues, laser chases, garbage grazing, and tennis ball fetishes.  And we are there for the graying muzzles, the aging kidneys, arthritic hips, and training new siblings on what is right and wrong.

Being a veterinarian has made me realize that we are not just the general family practitioner, we are also the pediatrician, ear/nose/throat doctor, dentist, cardiologist, orthopedic surgeon, radiologist, dermatologist, oncologist, GI enterologist, behaviorist, and ultimately, the geriatric care specialist.  We also serve as the human’s therapist whenever the need arises.  Here at Westside, the entire staff takes great pride in what we do and how we do it.  I sincerely believe in how we practice medicine, how we care for the animals and their caregivers, and in how we continually strive to be the best animal hospital for our dear clients, their beloved companions, and our dedicated team members.